How to make OS X Mavericks install DVD and install process

mavericks_heroThe OS X Mavericks released last month October 22, in Apple Special Event October 2013.
Now OS X is releasing in App Store only. So you can’t get install media such as DVD, USB Stick.
But I want install DVD.
・DVD is cheaper than USB Stick.
・Probably I think that I lose a USB stick. Because it is too small!

This is how to make Mavericks’s install DVD. If you want too, try it.

1. Make the install DVD
1. Download Install OS X in Mac App Store.
2. Type bellow command in to show the hidden files (This process is performed for the work of the back).
$ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
$ killall Finder

3. Right click on Install OS X and choose “Show Package Contents”
4. Double-click and mount the Contents > SharedSupport > InstallESD.dmg.
5. Then you may sea the BaseSystem.dmg. Right click on BaseSystem.dmg and choose “Open DiskUtility” (BaseSystem.dmg is hidden file).
6. Burn the DVD select with BaseSystem.dmg
7. Complete burn-in the disk, “OS X BaseSystem” will mount on your Desktop.