Velviaの青がグッと来る、FUJIFILM XQ1

Velvia blue is so goofy, FUJIFILM XQ1

Taken by PowerShot S95

気になると書いていたFUJIFILM XQ1ですが、結局発売日11/23に購入しちゃいました。
価格的には同じ富士フィルムのX20が5万円ちょっとと拮抗しておりますが、もともとコンデジにこだわりがあると書いてきただけに (X20もコンデジの仲間になっていますが、サイズがやっぱちょっと大きいので・・・) X20は除外しました。魅力的ですが…。X20はデジカメをぶら下げるポーチに入らないので、持ち運びが不便になるとというのがありました。やっぱ気軽に持ち歩いて撮らないと意味なくなっちゃうので。

I had written that I was interested in FUJIFILM XQ1, but I ended up purchasing it on November 23, the day it went on sale.

The X20 of the same Fujifilm is competing with it in terms of price at a little over 50,000 yen, but since I have always written that I am particular about digital condensers (X20 is also a member of the digital condenser category, but its size is still a little big…), I decided not to buy the X20. X20 is attractive, but… X20 doesn’t fit in the pouch where I hang my digital camera, so I thought it would be inconvenient to carry it around. It would be meaningless unless I could easily carry it around and take pictures with it.

で、周りを見渡すと、何度か書いているCanon PowerShot S120SONY CyberShot RX100が同価格帯でコンパクトなサイズとして構えています。

PowerShot S95は既に持っていることもあり同じ性格のS120を買うのもあれだなぁと。操作性はすごいよくなったことはこないだ店頭でだけど触って実感したけど、絵的な方向性はやっぱ同じメーカーだし、同じシリーズだから進化はしていると思うけど、だったらS95に不満は無いからいいかなと。

CyberShot RX100は、やっぱNEX-5Nがあるから多分絵的なチューニング似ているんじゃないかなとか、なんだかんだRX100MK2という後継機も出ているしということもあり、今一歩なところでした。動画性能も考慮して当初は欲しいと感じていましたが、XQ1も1080/60P撮れるので (H.264だけど・・・)。ただ動画はiPhone 5Sも結構イケルことがわかったので、「動画」という観点で探す意味合いは薄れていました。

そういう点ではXQ1は、自分が持っているカメラとは少し毛色の違う感じがして惹かれるものがありました。フィルムシミュレーション機能に興味が惹かれました。上位グレードのXシリーズもそうだし、前モデルに相当するXF1にもついていますが、初めて富士フィルムのカメラを使うという意味では興味津々です。あえて色のついた写真を撮ってみたい、見てみたいという風に思いました。センサーサイズが2/3とS95よりは少し大きいサイズですが、RX100よりは小さいのでセンサーサイズよりもX20と同じ定評あるX-Trans CMOS IIの性能がどういうものか?というのが気になりました。

Looking around, I saw the Canon PowerShot S120 and the Sony CyberShot RX100, which I have written about several times, in the same price range and in a compact size.

Among them, I dare to choose the XQ1 because…

I have already had the PowerShot S95, so I didin’t thought to interest to buy the S120, which has the same characteristics as the PowerShot S95. I have felt that the operability has improved a lot when I touched it in the store the other day, but the picture direction has evolved since it is the same manufacturer and in the same series.

I was not satisfied with the CyberShot RX100, because I had the NEX-5N, which is probably similar in picture tuning. And there has also a successor, the RX100MK2. I was initially interested the video performance, but since the XQ1 can also shoot 1080/60P (H.264, but…), I was not sure if I would like it. However, I found that iPhone 5S is also quite good for video, so the significance of searching for a camera in terms of “video” has diminished.

In this respect, I was attracted to the XQ1 because it seemed a little different from the cameras I own. I was intrigued by the film simulation function. The same is true of the higher grade X series, and the XF1, which corresponds to the previous model, also has it, but I was curious in the sense that I was using a Fujifilm camera for the first time. I felt as if I dared to take and see pictures with color. The sensor size is 2/3, a little larger than the S95, but smaller than the RX100, so I was more interested in the performance of the X-Trans CMOS II, which has the same reputation as the X20, than the sensor size. I was curious to see how the X-Trans CMOS II, which has the same reputation as the X20, would perform.