iPod 3rd Generation battery replacement

iPod 第3世代 電池交換


iPod 3rd generation の電池を再度交換しました。以前にも一度実施しているのですが、再度電池の持ちが悪くなったので交換することにしました。

We want to use our favorite tools for a long time. I think many people think so. However, when it comes to digital devices, it is often the case that they become obsolete due to technological evolution and are replaced by new ones…and so on. Especially when it comes to be old smart phones, it is a fact that they can no longer adapt to the times, but it is still possible to get by with a digital music player from a long time ago.

I changed the battery of my iPod 3rd generation again. I had already done this once before, but decided to replace the battery again because it was no longer holding up well.

なんとか見つけた電池 | Finaly I found the battery.