MacBook Proのキーキャップを交換

Replacing MacBook Pro keycaps

ちょっと前に僕が使っているMacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)のcommandキーが外れる様になってしまった。
US配列のキーボードを使っていて、英語/日本語切り替えは古いキーアサインであるcommand + spaceを割り当てているため、commandキーは良く使っている場所。それだけに、キーが外れてしまう状態ではレスポンスが悪くどうにかするしかない。

When it breaks, the breaks suddenly, even though it is just used normally. The keyboard is a part that users touch a lot, so it must be a part that is subject to a certain amount of load.
A while ago, My MacBook Pro(15-inch, 2016)’s the command key came off.
It doesn’t look like any part of the keycaps is broken, but when I press the bottom part of the key, the keycaps pops up and comes off.
I use a US keyboard, and I assign the old key assignment “command + space” to switch between English and Japanese, so the command key is where I use it a lot. Therefore, I have no choice but to do something about the poor response when the key is out of alignment.