Move to Gutenberg editor.

Kaleidalabsは Automatic のWordPress.com上でプレミアムプランで運用しています。

Kaleidalabs is running on Automatic’s on a premium plan.

Giving up the classic editor and moving to Gutenberg

wordpressは古いテキスト形式のクラシックエディタから、ビジュアルライクに記事を作れるGutenberg を結構前から用意していました。


  • Automaticによるクラシックエディタが2022年末で終了 (結果的に2024年に延長されました)
  • 新しいテーマへの対応が出来ない




当所、自分的には使いにくいGutenberg への移行には積極的にはなれませんでした。やはり移行するにはもっとポジティブな理由が欲しいです。

wordpress has had Gutenberg for quite some time, which allows you to create articles in a visual-like manner, instead of the old text-based classic editor.

I was not comfortable with this method, called block notation, and used the old classic editor, adding HTML tags as needed for convenience, but I decided to part ways with it.

  • The classic editor by Automatic will end at the end of 2022 (it was extended to 2024 as a result).
  • Written by classic editor article is not support new themes.

This is the main reason.
First, the end of the classic editor is a big deal. We have no choice but to migrate even if we don’t want to.

Originally, the end of the classic editor was announced and extended several times over the past few years, and I thought it would end in 2022, but it seems that it has been further extended to 2024. They announced In December the end of 2022 to extended to 2024. I understand why they announced in a last-minute announcement. They want to end the classic editor, so.

However, I guess the announcement is true that it will eventually come to an end.

For the time being, I was not positive about migrating to Gutenberg, which is difficult for me to use (Maybe I write program in my work, so…). I still need a more positive reason to move to Gutenberg.