After Steve

The latest inside look at Apple, depicting the company after the death of Jobs.


After Steve / トリップ・ミックル


Apple attracts attention in many aspects because it hides its inner workings.
Not only current employees, but also former employees don’t talk much about their inner workings.
Even if the events are true, it is difficult to know if the story is twisted by the interviewer’s assumptions or not.
Since we cannot hear from the people themselves, we can only peek “inside Apple, which is probably true,” through episodes that leak out from time to time or through books that are published.
It’s been a long time since I read a book about Apple that was worth reading.

After Steve / Tripp Mickle

I knew it had been published in the U.S., but I was waiting for the translation edition.

Steve Jobs没後数年は、何冊かこういう本が出ていましたが、最近は全くという程、Apple関連本は出てこない状況だっただけに、久々面白く読ませて貰いました。Jobsが亡くなってからではなく、その前からストーリーが始まるのが嬉しいですね。そこから書くことで、Tim Cook体制への移行、その後の人事やJony Iveの事がしっかり描かれています。

本書の主役はもちろんAppleであり、Tim Cookも出て来ますが、本当の意味での主役はJony Ive でした。Jobs亡き後の中で、Jobsのクリエイティブ面を受け継いだ男に何が起きたのか。一方で、同じく形は違えどAppleをまた強く愛するTim Cookには何が見えているか。知っているニュースが多かったですが、Jony Ive が離脱する動き、Appleキャンパスへ行かずにデザインチームの面々と会っていたこと、Angela Ahrendts のエピソードなど、知らない話も出ており、ここ最近の動きが記された物は出版されてなかっただけに、真実かどうかはさておき、久々Jobs没後前のAppleから振り返ってみる事ができる一冊になっていて大変読み応えはありました。

I am glad that the story starts not after Jobs’s death, but before. By writing from there, the transition to Tim Cook’s regime, the subsequent personnel and Jony Ive are well described.

The main character of the book is of course Apple and Tim Cook, but the real star of the book is Jony Ive, who inherited the creative side of Jobs and what happened to him after his death. On the other hand, what do we see in Tim Cook, who also has a strong love for Apple, but in a different form? There was a lot of news that we knew, but there were also some stories that we did not know, such as Jony Ive’s departure, the fact that he did not go to the Apple campus to meet with the design team members, the Angela Ahrendts episode, etc., which may or may not be true, as there was nothing published that documented the recent developments. And it is a book that allows us to look back at Apple before the death of Jobs for the first time in a long time.

昨年、Jony Ive との契約が終了したというニュースが話題になりましたが、本書ではそれは記されてないので、今後その内情が描かれた本がどこかで出てくるのかなと期待しました。

Last year, the news that the contract with Jony Ive was terminated became a hot topic, but it is not mentioned in this book, so I was hoping that a book describing the inside story of the termination would be published somewhere in the future.


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