The “iPhone” wallpaper


  • 昔のAppleのロゴをモチーフにした色をiPhoneの文字と重ねてみました。
  • 「Designed by Apple in California」が今のiPhoneは見えなくなっているので、壁紙に落とし込んでみました。


I made iPhone wallpapers and will distribute them.

  • The colors of the classic Apple logo superimposed on the “iPhone” text.
  • Since “Designed by Apple in California” is no longer print on the current iPhones, I put it into the wallpaper.

Please use it if you like (Free!).

Download “iPhone” wallpaper

“iPhone” wallpaper

On the home screen, the wallpaper is blurred by iPhone so that the entire screen is mostly white while elegant Apple colors decorate the center.



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