Apple Pay TV ads in Japan Part.4

These videos have been closed to the public now.

The JR started new Apple Pay TV ads. This time they use a Japanese famous actor Ryuhei Matsuda.
Following official ads are long ver(30sec) and short ver(15sec). The JR are pushing a campaign to use Suica on the iPhone. But foreigner can’t use Suica on there iPhone. It is the Apple must be correspond NFC type-F to worldwide iPhone.

The gate. (30ver)

A commuter’s ticket. (30ver)

Buy in a first food. (30ver)

The gate. (15ver)

A commuter’s ticket. (15ver)

Buy in a first food. (15ver)

Final Cut Pro X is the cost effective professional NLE software.

Most software move to subscription type on payment way in these days.
Some software looks to use the low price to running. But is it the best way? I compared the NLE software price.

Adobe Premiere Pro$9.99*
Avid Media Composer$49.99**

*Only a Premiere Pro CC Price.
**1-year agreement price. 3-year agreement price is $34.97/month.

Grass Valley EDIUS and AVID Media Composer sell the perpetual license in these day. Final Cut Pro X also perpetual license too. The list is the price of the perpetual license.

Grass Valley EDISU Pro 8$449.95
AVID Media Composer$1,299
Apple Final Cut Pro X$299.99

It is not make a sense to comparison on a monthly amount and a year amount.
So, let’s look at the monthly amount as an annual amount.

Adobe Premiere Pro$119.88$239.76$359.64
Avid Media Composer(1-year)$599.88$1199.76$1799.64
Avid Media Composer(3-year)$419.64$839.28$1258.92

That numeral was compared 1 and 2 and 3 year of a budget.
It looks need a big budget to run multiple years.
Looking at a year, Premiere Pro looks the low cost.

Software will be a major upgrade.
Most NLE software will major upgrade every in a year.
Subscription plan is include major upgrade fee, but perpetual license must need a major upgrade fee.
See the major upgrade fee for perpetual license.

Grass Valley EDISU Pro 7 > 8$169.99
AVID Media Composer (Upgrade and Support Plan)$299
Apple Final Cut Pro X—***

***FCPX is not need a upgrade fee(free update) after they release first version in 2011.

How do you feel it?

Perpetual license cost, Major upgrade cost, subscription cost…
The Final Cut Pro X should look lower cost of.
FCPX is the initial introduction cost only, it can keep using the latest version including all upgrade. In other words, the more you use FCPX, the operation cost will be a low.
Also, if you are using a plug-in, the cost of upgrading will also be added. But in FCPX, you are only need to be conscious of plug-in fee.

I think that only the cost will not be the reason for selection, but now that many recording media are changing to file recording.
It is no longer a problem that the FCPX can not be handled to VTR (there is also a substitute when VTR becomes necessary ).
If you are concerned about the cost, try to compare at a total cost considering the period of license that you use the NLE software.

Ex : The price is based on March 2017.

Apple Pay TV ads in Japan Part.3

These videos have been closed to the public now.

March 1st, Japan’s Apple Pay added 9 credit card AMEX, JACCS, Life, Yahoo Japan, EPOS, Cedyna, POCKETCARD, APLUS and UCS(coming soon).
86% of Japan’s credit card support Apple Pay in this time.

The following ads is the newest Apple Pay TV ads by Orico.

Orico(1min ver)

Orico(30sec Ver)


Apple Pay TV ads in Japan Part.2

These videos have been closed to the public now.

This is newest Apple Pay TV ads in japan (Part.1).
The following YouTube movie is the official ads from Apple Pay partner.

JCB(Full version)

JCB(Short version)

JCB is the only one of international credit card in Japan. JCB is full support Apple Pay in Japan.

Apple Pay TV ads in Japan

These videos have been closed to the public now.

Apple was started Apple Pay TV ads in Japan. The following YouTube movie is the official ads from Apple Pay partner.

“A yearning Apple Pay” ver.
The mobile carrier company Docomo services there brand credit card “d card”.

Softbank Shirato family “Godzilla vs Father(dog)” 30sec ver.
SoftBank is the mobile carrier in Japan. They also hold Sprint too. This ads collaborate with the movie of Shin Godzilla.

Demaekan by Apple Pay 30sec ver.
The Demaekan is the delivery service on pizza, sushi and more. There mobile app can pay by the Apple Pay. This is the 30 second ads.

Demaekan by Apple Pay 15sec ver.
This is 15 second version by the Demaekan.

Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company TV ads gramophone record ver.
Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company is the credit card company by VISA. This is the men buy the gramophone record by Apply Pay.

Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company TV ads red dress ver.
Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company is the credit card company by VISA. This is the women buy the red dress by Apply Pay.

Apple Pay has arrived.
This is a introducing Apple Pay from Apple.

iPhone 7 – Race
This is the Apple Pay TV ads by Apple.

Your iPhone can’t use Apple Pay in Japan at 2016 (for foreigner information)

JRE ticket gate

Now you can use Apple Pay in Japan. See below link.
Use Suica or PASMO cards on iPhone or Apple Watch in Japan

Apple Pay was started October 26 in Japan.
Apple started Apple Pay in October 2014 at United States. Many Japanese iPhone user were waiting from that day to pay by Apple Pay in Japan. In japan, mobile payment is very popular payment way. Because many Japanese mobile phone (such as Feature Phone and Android) were support mobile payment system a long time ago.

Major mobile payment system in Japan is Suica, iD, QUICPay, Rakuten-Edy, nanaco and waon. Apple Pay is support Suica, iD and QUICPay (Yes, Japan’s Apple Pay is based on the Japan mobile payment system. Not only that, also support infrastructure by Apple Pay system.). Suica is not only payment system. It is the most popular transit card distributed by JR East in Japan east erea.

JRE ticket gate

But it is not perfect in Japan’s Apple Pay. Global Apple Pay system is NFC Type A or B. But in Japan’s Apple Pay is NFC Type F. iPhone 7 japan model is support only NFC Type F. And global model is only support Type A and B.
So if you trip to Japan, you can’t use Apple Pay in your iPhone. I think it is very crazy and nonsense. But may be future iPhone will support NFC Type A/B/F. In japan’s smart phone are already installed NFC Type A/B/F. So I think future iPhone will also install NFC Type A/B/F too.

Be careful your iPhone can’t use Apple Pay in Japan this day. You must need credit card or cash exchanged in japan payment now.

How to make OS X Mavericks install DVD and install process

mavericks_heroThe OS X Mavericks released last month October 22, in Apple Special Event October 2013.
Now OS X is releasing in App Store only. So you can’t get install media such as DVD, USB Stick.
But I want install DVD.
・DVD is cheaper than USB Stick.
・Probably I think that I lose a USB stick. Because it is too small!

This is how to make Mavericks’s install DVD. If you want too, try it.

1. Make the install DVD
1. Download Install OS X in Mac App Store.
2. Type bellow command in to show the hidden files (This process is performed for the work of the back).
$ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
$ killall Finder

3. Right click on Install OS X and choose “Show Package Contents”
4. Double-click and mount the Contents > SharedSupport > InstallESD.dmg.
5. Then you may sea the BaseSystem.dmg. Right click on BaseSystem.dmg and choose “Open DiskUtility” (BaseSystem.dmg is hidden file).
6. Burn the DVD select with BaseSystem.dmg
7. Complete burn-in the disk, “OS X BaseSystem” will mount on your Desktop.