How to make OS X Mavericks install DVD and install process

mavericks_heroThe OS X Mavericks released last month October 22, in Apple Special Event October 2013.
Now OS X is releasing in App Store only. So you can’t get install media such as DVD, USB Stick.
But I want install DVD.
・DVD is cheaper than USB Stick.
・Probably I think that I lose a USB stick. Because it is too small!

This is how to make Mavericks’s install DVD. If you want too, try it.

1. Make the install DVD
1. Download Install OS X in Mac App Store.
2. Type bellow command in to show the hidden files (This process is performed for the work of the back).
$ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
$ killall Finder

3. Right click on Install OS X and choose “Show Package Contents”
4. Double-click and mount the Contents > SharedSupport > InstallESD.dmg.
5. Then you may sea the BaseSystem.dmg. Right click on BaseSystem.dmg and choose “Open DiskUtility” (BaseSystem.dmg is hidden file).
6. Burn the DVD select with BaseSystem.dmg
7. Complete burn-in the disk, “OS X BaseSystem” will mount on your Desktop.

2. Install OS X Mavericks
8. Reboot by System Preferences > Startup Disk and choose “OS X Base System OS X 10.9″.
Rather minute later the install dialog will launch.
9. If your home network use static IP address, follow No.9 steps. If you use DHCP address then step No.10.
9-1. Run the Utility > Terminal, and type 9-2, 9-3.
9-2. networksetup -setmanual “Network name” IP-Address Netmask Router
9-3. networksetup -setdnsservers “Network name” dns-ServerName
10. Formate the HDD by Disk Utility.
11. Install OS X Mavericks.
12. Type the Apple ID for Mac App Store on the way to install.
13. Then additional component will start download.
14. After the download, the install run automatically.
15. After install process, setup OS X.

That’s all. Clean install is troublesome process, but if it do then you can keep up your Mac.
If you want to USB stick installer sea the Apple support page(Yes this is official announcement).

Thank you for reading to the last. My English is very worse. But if this process are useful for you, I will be happy.
Enjoy OS X Mavericks!

日本語でOS X MavericksのインストールDVD作成方法はこちらをご覧ください。


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