SD cards with cheap and high specs.


SD cards are a familiar storage device for digital cameras, and I buy the ones with good specs at the time for around 2,000 yen.
SD cards have a speed to write and read data, and the faster this speed is, the faster the camera will be able to record the photo if it was taken, or display the contents on the monitor faster if you want to see them.
In particular, the faster the writing is done, the less time the camera has to wait after pressing the shutter release button because it means it is ready for the next shot. This increases the response time of the shot, so you don’t miss the next shot that comes along after you press the shutter (not exactly the same thing as high-speed continuous shooting).
However, speed is proportional to price, so it is important to balance speed and price with your wallet. It is also important not to make the mistake of choosing an expensive SD card just because it is fast, but that does not mean it will be dramatically faster. Because of this, I try to look for SD cards around 2,000 yen, and I decided it was about time for a new SD card, so I went to Akihabara to look for one.

SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I 64GB

買ったのは秋葉原電気街側の線路沿い前にある浜田電気 PC USEFULです。あきばお〜で買う事もあります。価格や在庫の有無でお店を選んでいます。安すぎて心配という声も聞こえますが、海外向けのモデルを並行輸入で大量に仕入れているようなので、ヨドバシカメラ等で買うよりも半額以下の値段で買えたりします。ただし保証は無くお店で1ヶ月とかでやってくれてるかどうかです。正直、SDカードに保証と言われても…と思っているため、保証は気にせず安さで選んでいます。最悪ダメだったらもう一枚買い直せば良いやと。それでもまだお釣りが来るくらい値段差があるためです。


I bought it at Hamada Denki PC USEFUL, which is located in front of the railroad tracks on the Akihabara Electric Town side. Sometimes I buy at Akibao~. I choose a store based on price and availability. Some say they are too cheap, but since they seem to stock a lot of parallel imports of overseas models, so I’m not worry about that quarity. You can buy them for less than half the price of those from Yodobashi Camera. However, there is no warranty and the store may or may not give you a month or so. To be honest, I don’t care about the warranty and choose the cheapest SD card because I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy an SD card with a warranty. If worst comes to worst, I can just buy another card. But the price difference is still enough to make up the difference.
I bought it for 1,750 yen, but I was surprised at the price difference because it is 12,000 yen at Yodobashi Camera.

An SD card case is included.

今回選んだSDカードはSanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I 64GBです。理論値で書き込み90MB/s、読み込み200MB/sの様ですが、実際にそんな速度は出ないでしょう。それでも理論値が高ければ実効値も上がる事が期待されます。早速、X100Vに装填して撮影してみましたが、無事問題なく使えています。気持ち記録スピードは上がった様に感じるので、良い買い物をしたなという気分でいます。


The SD card I chose this time is SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I 64GB. The theoretical value seems to be 90MB/s for writing and 200MB/s for reading, but I doubt that such speeds will actually be achieved. Even so, if the theoretical value is high, the effective value is also expected to be high. I loaded it into X100V and took pictures without any problem. I feel that the recording speed has increased, so I feel that I have made a good purchase.

If you are looking for a cheap SD card, you should try walking around Akihabara.




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