Kodak Proimage100 を購入


いつもフィルム現像でお世話になっているポパイカメラさんでKoda Proimage100が入荷したというツイートを見て、急ぎ購入しました。まだ、オンラインストアから購入可能です(多分店舗でも)。ネットで買うときは使用期限がわからないということが殆どですが2024.8の期限と記入してくれており、助かります。



I saw a tweet that Koda Proimage100 was in stock at Popeye Camera, where I always get my film developed, and I rushed to buy it. You can still buy it from their online store (maybe even in stores). Most of the time when you buy online, you don’t know the expiration date, but they have written the expiration date as 2024.8, which is helpful.
I have never used Proimage100, and when I wanted to use it, it was out of stock, including online. Did they get quite a few in this time? It seems that other camera stores are also reselling it.

I had to buy them when I could, otherwise they might run out, so I bought two of them for now. The price may go up even if they come back in stock in the future due to the weak yen.

It seems that they are still available, so if you want one, it is better to buy it as soon as possible.
It appears to be available both in 5-packs and sold individually.

ポパイカメラオリジナルのラベルに入って送られてきます。| It is sent in an original Popeye Camera label.
賞味期限は2024.8になっています。| The expiration date is 2024.8.
They are sent in bags. I appreciate the prohibition of air transportation.



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