Starting Buy me a coffee program

We are starting new support program from you.
The “Buy me a coffee” program. Our sight is ad free sight to keep clean by my thought. And if you help me, please like buy some coffe on the “Buy me coffe” sight.
Your support will keep this site ad-free and also my passion.
So appreciated and thank you your support.

First I want to tell you to my honest thought to you to start this program.
I had a little bit hesitation to start this program. What is the moneytize? Can we monetize from tips? Do I want to make money from this blog?This is a very sensitive question for me. Most blog is also read free, but they are making money from ad-service. But I don’t want to paste ad in my blog. 
But I need a cost to keep clean this blog. Yes, I purchased business plan in “” and also domain address even before.

So…what is the best for me? Of course just pay from my pockets is one of plan.

I want share my blog, photo, tips, articles and more to much people. And your comment gives me more passion to this blog.
I have more passion and plan to my blog.

Is making money from blogging a dirty business? May be, I need this answer before start our program.
Most Japanese is not good at to say “need make money” in loud voice. That is basic culture in Japanese. I also a Japanese. But reality is need a more money to live. Yes it true. But the Japanese culture is to be hiding the existence of money for live the life. So most Japanese have contradiction at money (But now young Japanese have a different of this thought).

Ad system is one of good system, but my tought is that is a bit exploitationily from reader. That is not to burden way to reader, so one of the nice way to make money. But I don’t wan’t to make money from Ad system. I don’t want to sell(give) your personal data to Ad services like from the cookie.
Also ad space is not keep clean the blog design.

So I search some nice way and finaly found this “Buy me a coffee” program.
“Buy me a coffee” shows use an indirect way about make money.
It is not a direct expression, so it appears to be a pleasant word to hear.

So I want to help from our readers.
If some of my post is helpful or give some passion to you, please help to support my blog.
Your support are giving more passionate to me every time.
Thank you.

Buy me a coffeeプログラムを始めることにしました。




何かいい方法はないかと探したら、この “Buy me a coffee” という方法があることを知りました。
Buy me a coffee“は、直接的にお金を表現していないのが、受け入れやすく見え、僕も納得出来ました。

まずは、僕の考えを正直にここに書く事がBuy me a coffeeを始めるにあたって必要な事だろうと思い記す事にしました。



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