でした。この条件で探し回って巡り合ったのが KINTO WATER BOTTLE でした。

The hot days continue day after day.
I have felt that summer has been getting hotter and hotter every year for the past few years, but the most important thing during this time of the year is to stay hydrated.
(In Japan, It’s crazy hot summer in few years.)
Buying plastic bottles at the convenience store every day only adds to the cost and is not a good thing, so last summer I bought a water bottle.

I bought a KINTO WATER BOTTLE Smoke color.

When I was looking for a water bottle, my conditions were as follows.
Simple design
Easy to wash

I looked around a lot of bottle and finaly I found KINTO WATER BOTTLE.

シンプルな箱に入って送られてきます。 | The box is simpled.





それで見つけたのが KINTO WATER BOTTLE でした。色は悩んだのですが、スモークにしました。クリアもいいなと思いながら。
KINTO 紹介ページに書かれている「程よい大きさの飲み口」はまさにその通りで、飲む時に楽に飲めて、また給水時もピンポイントな穴を狙うわけでもなく、洗う時も水筒用スポンジが入りやすいサイズで文句なしでした。

These three conditions were very important.

I was looking for a “light” water bottle, not a “not heavy” one. When I chose “lightweight”, I chose plastic bottles instead of stainless steel bottles.
I was concerned about whether the bottle would keep the water cool, but I concluded that it did not matter if the bottle was a little loose, and that the lighter weight was more important.
A 500ml water bottle weighs 500g when filled with water, so making the water bottle as light as possible would lead to a lighter bag. Therefore, a lightweight water bottle was essential.

Simple design
To begin with, we did not want a messy design. This leads to the next item, but I also don’t want it to be difficult to wash, and I want to avoid unnecessary snagging when I put it in my bag. I looked for something simple, not only in shape but also in color. I thought that if I was going to use it every day, I would rather have something simple than something flashy so I would not get bored with it.

Super easy to wash
After all, if you use it every day, you need to wash the water bottle. We wanted to reduce the amount of washing, so the requirement was for something with a small number of parts. Many water bottles claim to have a small number of parts, but I thought about what is really a small number of parts.
Canteen body
Packing for preventing water leakage
I think the minimum number of parts is three. There are water bottles without gaskets, but I am still worried about water leakage, so I thought three parts with gaskets would be the minimum. I searched for a water bottle based on this standard.

Then I found the KINTO WATER BOTTLE. I had a hard time deciding on the color, but I went with smoke. I also thought clear would be nice.
The “Practical size spout” on the KINTO introduction page is exactly what it says: it is right size for drinking, does not a tiny spigot, and is the right size for a water bottle sponge to fit into when washing.
The design is also very comfortable in the hand, and feels gently made. I didn’t use it in the winter, but last year I used it quite a bit until about fall and it didn’t get any noticeable scratches, and there were no abrasions from the sponge, so it’s as good as ever this year.

最小限の3つのパーツ | The minimum parts.

程よい味が飲める物がほしくて探したところ、無印良品にある「水出し グレープフルーツグリーンティー」が良い感じでハマりました。500ml用で10袋入って450円というのも丁度良い値段。程よいグレープフルーツの香りがさっぱりとしていて喉が乾いてる時に飲みやすくヒットでした。水出しというのも使いやすかったです。朝水筒に水入れて、ティーバッグを入れておくだけ。なんと簡単な。そのまま冷蔵庫で冷やして持っていく間に完成です。

水筒を買おうというのは2020年夏からずっと考えていました (買うまで悩みすぎ)。実際買ってそんなに使うのか?というのがずっと引っかかっていたのですが、いざ手にしてみたら全然使う使う。時々面倒に感じる時がありますが、そういう時は無理せずという形で使っていました。結果的にお金も節約になり良い結果に。

I need a easy drink
I wanted something drinkable with a moderate flavor, and I found that MUJI’s “Grapefruit Green Tea For Cold Water – Mizudashi Grapefruit Green Tea” was a good choice. 10 bags for 500ml at 450 yen is just the right price. The moderate grapefruit flavor is refreshing and easy to drink when you are thirsty. The fact that it is made with water also makes it easy to use. All I had to do was fill my water bottle with water in the morning and put the tea bag in it. How easy! It is ready to drink while you are taking it to the fridge to cool down.
I wish they had the same type in easy-to-drink apple or orange.

I bought this in last year but I have been thinking about buying a water bottle since the summer of 2020 (I was too worried until I bought it). I’ve always wondered if I would actually buy one and use it that much. But now that I have it in my hand, I can use it a lot. Sometimes I felt it was a hassle, but I didn’t push myself to use it at those times. The result was that I saved a lot of money.
I think I will continue to use it until the fall because the heat will continue to be severe this year too.

今年も無印で買っています。 | I am buying at Muji again this year.


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