To be trusted Kaleidalabs by you.

Kaleidalabs published Privacy Policy page.
I know the GDPR was start in 2021. But a lot of blog isn’t publish Privacy Policy still now.
Now, I am rebuilding Kaleidalabs and I think must be publish the Privacy Policy for you and us this time.

How I wrote it.
It’s so difficult to write, but some page helps how to write it. The WordPress owner Automattic,Inc’s Privacy Policy page is very helpful for me.
There Privacy Policy page is release by Creative Commons, that’s way I copied and start for basic in our page.

I not want to write very specific and a lot of crazy safe words.
My policy “Keep simple” is also effect to Privacy Policy. I’m not want to business your privacy data (like a sell to other).
But the scope of privacy data is different for different people. This is probably the tricky part of this story.

I back to my vision and plan, that gives good word of what should I write to it.

I tried to write simple words. But if you have any question, please post from Contact page.


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