Apple Kyoto

Apple 京都

Apple Kyoto
Apple Kyoto

Apple 京都は、2018年に前Retail担当のAngela Ahrendtsが日本で店舗が増えることをアナウンスした一つとして2018年8月に登場しました。

京都に旅行に行った際なんとか時間を作って、Apple 京都にも行ってみました。
米国旅行の際も行く場所場所でApple Storeには訪問してますが、今回もその例に漏れず足を運んでみました。

The Apple Kyoto appeared in August 2018 as one of the announcements by former Retail Director Angela Ahrendts in 2018 that more stores would be added in Japan.

I managed to make time during my trip to Kyoto to visit Apple Kyoto.
I visit Apple Stores everywhere I go on my trips to the U.S., and this time was no different.

Apple Kyoto
Apple Kyoto 1st floor
Apple Kyoto
Apple Kyoto 1st floor

MacBook Proのキーキャップを交換

Replacing MacBook Pro keycaps

ちょっと前に僕が使っているMacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)のcommandキーが外れる様になってしまった。
US配列のキーボードを使っていて、英語/日本語切り替えは古いキーアサインであるcommand + spaceを割り当てているため、commandキーは良く使っている場所。それだけに、キーが外れてしまう状態ではレスポンスが悪くどうにかするしかない。

When it breaks, the breaks suddenly, even though it is just used normally. The keyboard is a part that users touch a lot, so it must be a part that is subject to a certain amount of load.
A while ago, My MacBook Pro(15-inch, 2016)’s the command key came off.
It doesn’t look like any part of the keycaps is broken, but when I press the bottom part of the key, the keycaps pops up and comes off.
I use a US keyboard, and I assign the old key assignment “command + space” to switch between English and Japanese, so the command key is where I use it a lot. Therefore, I have no choice but to do something about the poor response when the key is out of alignment.


Apple Battery Charger with eneloop

Appleが単三電池の充電器とニッケル・水素充電池を発売してたのを覚えているでしょうか。初代Magic Mouse / Magic Keyboardが単三電池による動作をしていたことで2010年7月発売されました(現在は販売終了)。

Remember when Apple introduced the AA battery charger and nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries? The first generation Magic Mouse / Magic Keyboard operated on AA batteries and was released in July 2010 (now discontinued).


iPod 3rd Generation battery replacement

iPod 第3世代 電池交換


iPod 3rd generation の電池を再度交換しました。以前にも一度実施しているのですが、再度電池の持ちが悪くなったので交換することにしました。

We want to use our favorite tools for a long time. I think many people think so. However, when it comes to digital devices, it is often the case that they become obsolete due to technological evolution and are replaced by new ones…and so on. Especially when it comes to be old smart phones, it is a fact that they can no longer adapt to the times, but it is still possible to get by with a digital music player from a long time ago.

I changed the battery of my iPod 3rd generation again. I had already done this once before, but decided to replace the battery again because it was no longer holding up well.

なんとか見つけた電池 | Finaly I found the battery.

iPad Pro (2018) のケースを白に

iPad Pro + Smart Folio White

少し前にiPad Pro 11インチ (2018) のケースを買い換えました。
Apple Smart Folio BlackからApple Smart Folio Whiteにしました。
色々過酷に使いすぎたのか、表面が剥がれて中の型が見えて来ていたので、さすがにみっともないと言うのと日々使う自分のテンション的にも上がらなかっとので、買い換えました。現在発売されているiPad Pro Smart Folio (第3世代) はカメラ部分のサイズが異なりますが、対象機種です。ただ、レンズの部分の形が合わない事が嫌でした。iPad Air(第5世代) Smart Folioは公式には対象外機種ですが、ネットを見ると使用可能という報告を見かけます。
それを候補に更に見てたら自分が使っているiPad Pro 2018と一緒に発売された初代Smart Folioの新品(これ大事)を発見しそれにしました。

I bought a new case for my iPad Pro 11-inch (2018) a while ago.
I went from Smart Folio Black to Smart Folio White.
I used it too much and the surface was peeling off and the inside shape was starting to show, so I replaced it with a new one. The Smart Folio for iPad Pro (3rd generation) currently on the market has a different size camera part, but it is the same model. The Smart Folio for iPad Air (5th generation) is officially not a model for the iPad Pro (2018), but I found reports on the Internet that it can be used with the iPad Pro.
I looked further in internet shop and found a brand new (this is important) first generation Smart Folio that was released with my iPad Pro 2018 and decided to go for it.

iPad Pro for Smart Folio (1st generation / White)

iPhone mini / Plus モデルにおけるAppleの今後の販売戦略に関する予測

Forecast of Apple’s future sales strategy for the iPhone mini / Plus models

9月のiPhone 14イベント、事前のリーク通りminiモデルの新作はありませんでした。iPhone 12は残りましたが、iPhone 12 miniは終了。iPhone 13 miniは幸い残りました。小さいが故に少し安くしいてたminiモデルであるiPhone 12 miniは、ここに来てSEと価格面で被るという問題に直面したんでしょう。性能的にもSEの方が12 miniより良いですしね。
新しくでiPhone 14 Plusがあるということも影響したと思います。


今回miniに代わり久々iPhone 8以来のPlusモデルが登場しました。来年も、Plusモデルが出てminiは出ないのではと思います。

In September Apple event, the iPhone 12 still available in the list, but the iPhone 12 mini is the end. iPhone 13 mini remained, fortunately. The iPhone 12 mini, a mini model that was a bit cheaper due to its smaller size, must have the problem of being priced similarly to the SE. The SE is also better than the 12 mini in terms of performance.
I think the fact that there is a new iPhone 14 Plus has also had an impact.

What will happen to the mini model in the future?
It is too early to say, but will there be a new mini model in the iPhone next September? What will happen to the mini and Plus models in the future? I took the liberty of making a prediction based on the sales cases up to that point.

I think that there will be no mini model next year.
The Plus model has appeared in place of the mini model for the first time since the iPhone 8. I think that there will release Plus model and be no mini model next year either.
Along with that, sales of the mini model will end.
I believe that the mini size will disappear from the iPhone lineup once and for all.

iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini detailed review

iPhone 13 mini 詳細レビュー

iPhone 13 mini


すでに使用しているiPhone 12 Proとの最大の違いは何よりもサイズです。このサイズが自分の生活にどう馴染むのか?それが気になるところです。

The last review was until I bought it and a long one, so I’m going to give you a proper review this time. I would like to focus on the feeling of using the iPhone 13 mini, since it is not so much that something has changed significantly.
The biggest difference from the iPhone 12 Pro that I already use is above all the size. How will this size fit into my life? That is what I am wondering.

Tokyo Ginza 2022
iPhone 13 mini + w/ RNI
Tokyo Ginza 2022
iPhone 13 mini + w/ RNI