iPhone 13 mini detailed review

iPhone 13 mini 詳細レビュー

iPhone 13 mini


すでに使用しているiPhone 12 Proとの最大の違いは何よりもサイズです。このサイズが自分の生活にどう馴染むのか?それが気になるところです。

The last review was until I bought it and a long one, so I’m going to give you a proper review this time. I would like to focus on the feeling of using the iPhone 13 mini, since it is not so much that something has changed significantly.
The biggest difference from the iPhone 12 Pro that I already use is above all the size. How will this size fit into my life? That is what I am wondering.

Tokyo Ginza 2022
iPhone 13 mini + Halide.app w/ RNI Films.app
Tokyo Ginza 2022
iPhone 13 mini + Halide.app w/ RNI Films.app

1週目 / Week 1

Y!mobile へのMNPはアカウント取得と同じ月内ではキャンペーンが使えないという事で、8月まで持ち越しとなりました。なのでちょっとの間docomoユーザ。
とりあえず、デバイスに慣れることを中心に触り始めてみます。やはりサイズの違いはすぐに実感して、手にちょうどいい。iPhone SE (1st Generation)からちょっと大きいだけですが、画面サイズは全然広いので、何事も十分広く見えると感じる事が出来ます。テキストを打っていても、その広さを感じます。

I was not able to use the campaign for MNP to Y!mobile (They give a 20000 point on PayPay.). Because the same month of getting an account is not available, so I had to wait until August. So I am a docomo user for a little while.
For now, I start touching the device, focusing on getting used to it. I can still feel the difference in size right away, and it feels just right in my hand; it’s only a little bigger than the iPhone SE (1st Generation), but the screen size is totally wider, so I can feel that everything looks wide enough. Even when I’m texting, I can feel how wide it is.

Tokyo Ginza 2022
iPhone 13 mini + Halide.app w/ RNI Films.app

2週目 / Week 2


I went online to apply for Y!mobile, which had become a hassle due to my busy work schedule. I went to docomo’s online site to get an NMP reservation number. However, as usual, docomo’s system is difficult to use, and I had a hard time grasping the flow of the procedure, whether the system is old or the way of thinking is old. Even after a short period of time, I realized that docomo’s system is not user-friendly, and I realized that there is zero reason to stay with them.
I applied by entering the MNP number and other information issued on the Y!mobile site. The kit will be sent to you and all you have to do is wait.

Tokyo Ginza 2022
iPhone 13 mini + Halide.app w/ RNI Films.app

3週目 / Week 3

届いたキット(SIM+簡単な説明書なのに大きい箱で来た…)を使って夜Y!mobileへ移行しようと思ったら、NMPできる時間はオンラインでも9:00〜20:30までと不思議な制約にぶつかりその日は断念 (なぜ24時間じゃない…)。


I was going to migrate to Y!mobile at night using the kit I received (SIM + simple instruction manual, but it came in a big box…), but I ran into a strange restriction that NMP is only available from 9:00 to 20:30 online, so I gave up that day (why not 24 hours?). …).
The next day, I took the SIM and instruction manual to the office and did the migration at noon. The migration went smoothly. There is a saying that if you do it, it will be quick and easy, but until you do it, there will be some psychological uneasiness.
I was able to transfer to Y!mobile (my second line) without any problems.

The mini is still a comfortable size in my hand as I had expected after using it so far. As soon as I started using it, I felt that it was comfortable in my hand, and I was right.

Tokyo Ginza 2022
iPhone 13 mini + Halide.app w/ RNI Films.app
Detail of iPhone 13 mini
iPhone SE(1st Gen)、iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 Proの比較
iPhone SE (1st Gen), iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 Pro comparison

4週目 / Week 4

ランドスケープモードでの入力もスムーズに進む。iPhone 12 Proだとどうしても互いの親指が反対側へ行くときに引っ張って辛い感じだったけど、これならスイスイ打てることを実感。その分表示面積が小さいけど、見るストレスより打つストレスの方が大きかったことをあらためて実感。縦長で持った時の入力の手間は圧倒的に楽。人の手の大きさは人それぞれだけど、このサイズが必要な人たちも多いんじゃないだろうか。
iPhone 12 Pro が187gに対して iPhone 13 mini は 140gです。わずが47gの差ですが、デバイスの大きさが異なることから重心が変わるため文字入力をしているときの重さの感覚が全然違うのです。iPhone 13 miniは圧倒的に軽く感じます。これが長時間の文字入力のストレスを解放するのにも役立っています。
流通情報から販売数の苦戦という話があったが、このサイズは是非無くさずに継続した方がいい。もしくは、数年に一回リリースさせるのだろうか (それでもいいからラインナップには残しておいた方がいい)。

Typing in landscape mode is also smooth. iPhone 12 Pro was hard for me to type with my thumbs on the other side of the screen, but with this, I can type smoothly. The display area is small, but I realized once again that the stress of typing was greater than the stress of looking at it. It is by far the easiest way to type when you hold it vertically. Although everyone’s hand size is different, there are probably many people who need this size.
Also, although we have written a lot about size, we feel that the difference in device weight also has a significant impact on usability.
The iPhone 12 Pro weighs 187g while the iPhone 13 mini weighs 140g.
The difference between the two is only 47g, but the difference in size creates a difference in the center of gravity, which makes the weight of the device feel different when typing (The center of gravity is so important I thought).
The iPhone 13 mini feels significantly lighter. This also helps to release the stress of typing for long periods of time.
Although the distribution information indicates that the number of sales is struggling, this size should be continued without losing it. Or maybe they will release it once every few years (but it would still be better to keep it in the lineup).

Tokyo Ginza 2022
iPhone 13 mini + Halide.app w/ RNI Films.app

iPhoneに求めていたのは「見る」よりも「打てる」事でした。iPhoneを積極的な道具として使う場合、僕の場合メールやテキストを打つ時間が増えます。電車や家などでわざわざMac を開けずに出来る事はiPhoneで済ませたいのです。そういう点で打ちやすい事な何よりも重要だとあらためて感じました。

As a result, what I more wanted from the iPhone was to be able to “type” rather than “view the monitor”.
When I use my iPhone as a proactive tool, I spend more time texting and emailing. I want to be able to do things on my iPhone that I can do on the train or at home without having to go to the trouble of opening my Mac. In this respect, I felt again that being easy to type is more important than anything else.

Detail of iPhone 13 mini

センサーサイズは異なり、iPhone 12 Proは1/2.55インチに対してiPhone 13 miniは1/1.9インチとちょっと大きいのです。APS-Cやフルサイズに比べて、このセンサーサイズの差がどれくらい大きいの?と言われると、わずかなのは事実ですが、少しでも光をセンサーには入れたいので、わずかでも大きければそれはそれで恩恵となります。ですが、同じ場所で同じタイミング撮らない限り差は感じないので、センサーのサイズでそこまで悩むか?と言われると、あえてProモデルがいいという人以外は不要かもしれません。

Regarding camera performance, since it is not a Pro model, ProRaw shooting is not possible. However, RAW shooting is possible if you use third-party camera software that can record DNG, but is it easy to use? If you want to shoot RAW with your iPhone, the Pro model with ProRaw may be more convenient.
The sensor size is different: the iPhone 12 Pro is 1/2.55″ while the iPhone 13 mini is a bit larger at 1/1.9″. It is true that the difference in sensor size is slight, but since we want to let as much light as possible into the sensor, even a slight increase in sensor size is a boon. However, unless you take pictures at the same place and at the same time, you will not feel any difference, so do you have to worry about the sensor size? If you ask me, it may not be necessary unless you dare to choose the Pro model.

Detail of iPhone 13 mini
センサーサイズはiPhone 13 miniの方がわずかですが大きいので、その分レンズもちょっと大きい。
The sensor size of the iPhone 13 mini is slightly larger, so the lens is also slightly larger.

Tokyo Ginza photo is taken by iPhone 13 mini and Halide.app (Camera app) w/ RNI Films.app (Film simulation app).

iPhone 13 mini detailed review



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